Gill and Gift Derby Winners  Photos

Bill King Memorial Rainbow Derbies


Prize Payouts    $3066.89                           $1840.13                                       $ 1226.76

Wayne Henderson 1st place 321/2 in. 15.25lbs $3066.89 Kirk Dayley 31.3/4 in. 1840.13 Corbin Keaster 3rd Place  31+in.  1226.75
This States boy missed the ceremonies so we set it up at the shop before heading home. Local fisher Kirk Dayley gets prize money from Randy  Corbin also enjoys an envelope from Randy
  Chrisine Rilea 4th in...1st loser award Christine's fishy......just a hair under Corbin's 31 inches
Wayne Henderson 1st in for  this States boy Local Kirk Dayley  2nd in the prize money Corbin 3rd in  the prize money




Prize payouts      $3283.56                        $ 1970.14                         $ 1313.43

1st Place Prize Payout $3283.56 2nd Place Prize Payout  $1970.14 3rd Place prize Payout $1313.43
1st Place Mike Bond 33 1/2 inches                        2nd  Place Mitch Roggensack  33 inches     3rd Place Doug Shelton 32 1/2 inches
 Not so coveted "1st loser Award"  Phil LaMothe 31 11/16  (15lb 5 oz ) ..your fish stretcher is on its way... all kidding aside, beautiful fish Phil! 4 yr old Parker Holloway  Special TrophySorry we got another name mixed up with yours.   Parker Holloway gets a trophy for his hard work fishing with Grandpa
Bill King Derby 2013 Bill King derby 2013   Bill King Derby 2013
Dale Draper, the day BEFORE the derby....
16 lbs
Followed  a short time later by  this larger one by  Tex Hemke 19 lb - same boat
Next year the date is May 17,18 19th Boys      


1st place payout $3303.65

Bill Sawatsky 34.125 inches 18lb 4 oz

2nd place  payout $1982.20

 Shane Cook 33 inches 18 lb 2 oz

3rd place $1321.47


Steve Sims 32.8.75 inches 16.6 lbs

and more worth mentioning....
Larry McLaren 32 inches 16.0 lb
Ian McFarlane 31.875 inches 14.0 lb
Cody Brown 31.5 inches 15lb 6oz
David Gustovson 31.25 inches 16 lbs 

 Shane  Steve  



1st place payout $2073.72

2nd place  payout $1244.23

3rd place $829.49

 Cody Brown 1st prize  
Jim Walz 2nd Prize
  Wayne Hutton3rd prize
 `Gary Bainbridge runner up  31.375 inches  1st Loser award  lots of fun with the new lucky fishing shirt Gary!  28.375inches was 1st in this year from Joanne Hale
Happy fishers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


1st place payout $1262.50

2nd place  payout $757.50

3rd place $505.00 

Jim Sutherland 30 7/8 inches Bob Garding 30 5/8 inches Alex Legge 30 3/8 inches


1st place payout $1411.39

2nd place payout $846.83

3rd place payout $564.56

Bob Garding  winning fish at 28.5 inches Cameron Sui fish in at 28.25 Nicolletta Smith 3rd by draw
Draw no fish


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

unavailable pic unavailable pic
Trevor Ferguson   (only one in) draw draw


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

unavilable pic Draw... no fish
Wayne Henderson 29.5 inches Don Currie 29''  


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

 Jeff Bond  Kirk Daley  Helen Erickson


Carl Marks winning fish 34 3/4" Neil Gregory Bob Brown


winning fish 29 3/4 " Bob Brown  29 1/2 " 29 1/4  inches