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Randys Spawn Sheet






Woodbury Dolly Derby 2017

 Bull Trout

Easter Weekend 2017

April  14-16 noon


 50.00 CDN


tickets 250-229-2113


derby by weight

Open to the main lake only




 Gill and Gift

Bill King Memorial

Rainbow  Derby

May Long Weekend 2016 suspened indefinetly




Thanksgiving Derby

Tickets $50


October 7-9, 2017


derby by weight


Nelson City Police Charity Derby

Woodbury resort

October 13-15 2017

60.00 entry (retired members 30.00)

Cash for

 1st , 2nd , 3rd largest rainbow, largest dolly

derby by weight

great door prizes,

steak dinner  Sat. night

30.00 dinner only

Do it for the kids!



Kaslo Rainbow Derby

cancelled indefinitely



Lucky Larry Memorial Derby (previously known as the

(New Years Day Fun   Derby) 

Length wins


Gill and Gift



Toss 20 in the hat and  join us in the fun derby on the lake.... no pressure just good ole fishing  and a hat to split at the end.



CTR-Family Day

Length wins

cancelled indefinitely




Bill King Memorial Derby 2017

by Gill and Gift to be decided yet


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pictures courtesy of Split Shot Charters      

APRIL 2017

The above link will take you into the correct information about the oil leak at Balfour.

It is being contained and cleaned up and was less than the size of 2 -  45 gal drums of gear oil. The Osprey ferry has a leg go and the oil realeased.  There is nothing to indicate any wildlife or fish are being affected to date.

Kokanee Spawn Results from 2016

An update of the Kokanee Spawning Numbers in 2016 released by the Fish and Wildlife Compensation News states the following;

West Kootenay -  Kokanee numbers in Kootenay Lake  appear to be heading in the right direction.  The number of returning adults in fall 2016 at Meadow Creek Spawning Channel (funded by FWCP) was 11,087 (in 2015 the total in the channel was 5679). The average number of eggs per female was 778 compared to the ten year average of 333 ( 2006-2015) The ministry of forests Lands and Natural Resource operations also planted 6.7 million eyed eggs ( 1.38 collected from Hill Creek Spawning Channel) into Meadow Creek in an attempt to further bolster Kokanee numbers in Kootenay lake.


Congratulations to the Easter Dolly Derby  Winners Ken Sikorski 7 lbs , Randy ingham 6.12 lbs and tied for third Tate Conner 6.12 lbs

It was a mixed weather bag but the sun did shine on Easter Sunday and made it all worthwhile. Everyone was saying it was real good to get out and fish again after the long winter months.  Happy Fishing everyone!


Daves Dolly  April 1st 2017.  Still the odd one around 19.25lbs


Come in and see our slection of our new line, "Best Lures" .

Best Lures

Tasmanian Devils


If you have questions about the fishery or any reports of your fishing experience regarding the fish in Kootenay Lake  please pass it along to us and we will make sure our contact at fisheries gets it.


Public Fisheries Meetings: last update for Jun 16 2016

All our public meeting presentations (including last weeks) and the action plan and other info are accessible via links from our Regional page ( 


HUNTING:   NOTE IMPORTANT !!!!! New Changes to the system.

Will Gill and Gift be selling hunting licenses this year? yes.  We will have the the old paper licenses  starting March 1st and then go online with the system about Mid May they tell  us .

Starting March 1 you will be able to go online to get your own now. But if you want tags make sure you order in plenty of time because they will have to be mailed out unless you can find a vendor that will be carrying them onsite. Gill and GIft will be one of these vendors. One thing to note is that if you order online  and they do not arrive in time you may NOT just go to the vendor to get one to replace it. The vendor can look up online to see if you have purchased any tags and your licence.  The tags will be similar to ski hill tags and you must carry these with you and notch them the same as you used to do only their will be no booklet or pouch to carry them in now. Handful of loose tags. You will be responsible to look after these and not lose them.
 The government is redoing their data base of all hunters and so the vendors are required to validate the hunter into the system by double cheking all valid photo IDs, checking first and last names date of birth, addresses etc. Your  BC services card, drivers license, or passport is required when you come in for your license and new Wild number.  Errors in your personal profile cannot be corrected through any vendor so if you need a correction made to the spelling of your name or address for instance, it  must be done at Front Counter BC before any vendor can proceed on your behalf.  Also if your status is expired, suspended, deceased or cancelled you will have to go through Front counter to get it activated before a vendor can proceed on your behalf.
Once youget your new hunters license it will be simialr to getting a fishing license for your ID....birth date, ID, and WILD number. 
Front counter BC Phone Number:  1-877-855-3222

A reminder too that you must produce your angler number (WILD #) in order for a vendor to proceed with issuing you an Anglers Licence.  The hunting and angling numbers were thought to be merging at some point but to date we have not seen it happen. If you have misplaced your numbers,  you can retirieve it by calling Front Counter BC 1-877-855-3222 

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