Jack Rilkoff 21 plus lbs OCT 1 06

George and his 22 plus pound Gerrard Rainbow Trout

Steve Valentine with his Split Shot catch at Trestle Bay...caught on the Stevie Wonder Fly


Gordon Hahn of the U.S. 23 lbs 8 oz and a full 37 inches long


Gordon Hahn  20lb 3 oz 36 inches 

Catch and release fishing is great!

Dec 28 06
A beautiful sunny crisp day and one nice Bull


Eugene Tompkins looks like he finds fishing as good in the winter as the spring...nice one Eugene 

Dec 30 06

Pat and Dave Sabo with granddaughter Morgan .... a fine dolly day! 

Dec 28 06 8 to 14 lb bull trout

Grandpa Dave and Morgan,

Dolly fishing was good in December for the Sabo family


Morgan Sabo and her big Bull Trout  on a Split Shot Charter

Dec 28 06


Grace and the ducks near  Gill and Gift

Guy Degeorgio May 2006


June 11 2006 Doug Liam and Mike on a Split Shot Charter

Jamie 24 lb Gerrard Rainbow on a Split Shot Charter

Mike wears a smile to go with his catch of the day 2006

Pat Sabo shows off her 16 pounder 2006


Brian Janzen picked this one up in the Gil and Gift derby .. not a winner in the money but definitely a winner in his friend's eyes.



Doug and a dynamite catch 2006


George May 11 2006 Good One George!



Local fella Charlie Shreives makes 22 lbs  look easy

June 2 2006 





PHOTOS 2006