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January 1st Fun Derby... 2 frosty heads (Randy Jan 1) January 2010 2 lb Gerrard   A Faires April 1st ( no Joke) 25 lb Bull Trout T. Faires
 Split Shot Charter Client April 28 2010  21lb Gerrard Rainbow Trout


Stop by the shop and let us get that special picture for the web...we'll even print you one off to take home Jim Pendergraft on May 5 2010
May 10th ... another Split Shot success for the Client with this 17 pound Gerrard Split Shot, Mikes holds a 22 lb Gerrard as the catch of the day May 12 2010  Tim Rutherglen shows off his 21 lb dolly caught May 21 2010
Don Leduc sports his Prize Gerrard caught Sept 13, 2010 . 


Glen Loepky Sept 24 2010 and 15lbs  of fighting Gerrard..."Bonnie,  Get the Frying pan... we landed ourselves a family dinner!" This 17 pound beauty was reeled in by Shane Boatman of Houston Texas Sept 10,2010. The width of his grin was only surpassed by the width of his Gerrard Rainbow Trout.
Local fishermen Ray Anderson and Chuck Noakes were out and had these beauties in 20 minutes.  15lb5oz and 9lb 9oz October

Way to go Montejean, 18 and a half pounds of fighting Gerrard Rainbow Trout for our first timer from Pasco Washington

Jolane Anderson 12.5 lb Oct.... Very Nice Jolane
Sherri  Spence and Roberta VanSteinburg and their 24 pound 37 inches Gerrard Rainbow on their Split Shot Charter ... 40 minutes of fight fought flawlessly as Capt Mike put it. This baby took 880 feet of line and jumped out of the water 3 times in an effort to foil these gals. Jerry Richardson of 9 Mile Washington measured in at 11.9 KG (26.4 lb)

Gerrard Rainbow Trout caught Oct 26 2010  

Bonnie Loepky and her Dolly 17 lb and looking long  How do you like this one Glen?

Nov 6 2010 

Glenna Hall 15.2 Rainbow Nov 12 2010  (SWEET)