Photos        2011 Kootenay Lake Fish Gallery

2011 feb11Rick Boyce
Yours truly, Randy Zelonka, 35 1/2 inches of Gerrard Rainbow Trout, Jan 1st  2011 local derby winner.  "They don't let me out much so I have to do it  all at once." Length was verified while we were still on the water so this fella went back in to fatten up for the next year. Walter '26er' Wishlow... This brute weighed in at a cool 26 pounds and definitely needed buddy Ron Milton to help smile over this one. A great day of fishing for the boys from Passmore with Capt. Split Shot Mike. Feb 11 2011 Local Rick Boyce presented this when Randy told him he needed a newer picture of him for the door.  Good Eating Rick!  IF he didn't before he believes you're a man of your word now.
albino dolly Mar 5 Kootenay Lake Todd lindburg Geroge Schnieder 24lb bow oct 1 2011 
This Oddity is an Albino Trout Caught March 5 of this year in Kootenay Lake and shown off by Todd Linburg. Typically the eye is red although this pic  seems not to be quite as red as some are. Albino fishes are rarely seen and this one was especially nice. Tim Pinelli Sept 25 and his 24 pound Gerrard
Rainbow Trout   
George Schnieder Oct 1 2011 24.4 Gerrard Rainbow Trout 
Darlene Anderson 21 lbs of depp fishing brought to the surface from 150 feet down Dallas_Barraclough_Oct_7_2011 16lb_7oz_bow Russ_Sprogis_18_6_Gerrard_Oct_7_2011
Darlene Anderson with her 20 plus prize from 150 feet down.. Darlene was out with Capt Randy Ingham on Sept 2011 Dalas Barraclough  and her Oct 7 , 16 lb 7 oz Gerrard Rainbow Trout... It was the catch of the day in the Capt K boat. Dalas is nine. Russ Sprogis Demonstates the "Fish Kiss" the proper way it should be done.... 18 lb and 6 Oz of fighting Gerrard and guess who won?
Ran and Fiend on Split Shot Charter 21.5 lb bow 1st place nelson city police derby Dave Sabo
Ron and Friend sport their catch of the day ... a 21.5 lb Gerrard Bow fought in on Oct 16 2011.  These boys had a wonderful trip with Capt Mike of Split Shot Charters who submitted the picture . Nelson City Police Derby 1St place Dolly.
Dave Sabo 11.39 pounds of beautiful  Bull Trout
Congratulations on the win Dave! and what's for supper?
Todd Linburg........2nd place winner of the Kaslo Rememberance Day Derby 2011 21 lb of Gerrard Bow
  David Sigaty 24.5 Gerrard Nov 22 2011 too big for the box nov 22 2011
Frasier Watson 21lb 7oz ..1st place on the Kaslo Derby 11/11/11 picture to come yet  Congratulations to David Sigaty who landed this beauty  on Nov 22 2011 right at dusk.  Dave's Gerrard Rainbow Trout weighed in at 241/2 lbs This smile says it all.  Every fishermans dream....David's fish... too big for the box... caught on a fly on top ( the one Randy told him he should try, Dave tells us)
dana 17 lbs jordan on split shot charter 21 lb bow mitchell's 20.5 lb bow
Dana haney  17 lb dolly Dec 2011 Jordan Split Shot Charter 21Gerrard Bow lbs Dec 2011 A days fishing with the Mitchells.... 17.5 lb bow
mitchells 20.5lb bow Mitchells 15 lb mitchells 21 lb bow dec 2011
A day with the Mitchells... 20.5 lb gerrard dec 2011 A day with the Mitchells... 15lb Gerrard bow What a day for the Mitchells.. 21 lb bow
Rick  21 lbs dec 2011 cleary family lands 14.5lb bow Karlee Hall Jaffray BC Dec 29 17#Bull Trout
Way to go Rick .... 21 lb Gerrard Rainbow Trout  Dec 2011 The Cleary family sports their big bow.  A happy day for fishing Dec21 2011(just under15lbs on the Gill and Gift scale) Karlee Hall of Jaffray B.C. landed  this prize catch on Dec 29. The 17# Bull Trout was caught on the Shadow Mountain Charter boat. Way to go Karlee.
Linda and Al Pirot and their beautiful bow Sep 9 2011