Photos        2012 Kootenay Lake Fish Gallery

Ron Milton 20  lb Dolly Jan 2012   
Ron Milton Jan 2012 - 20lb Bull Trout  Kathy Tompins and her prize gerrard Feb 7 2012 Trout  Kathy Tompins and her prize gerrard Feb 7 2012 Eugene Tompkins Feb 7 2012  
unknow fellas with 18lb bow Mitch  
Eugene Feb 8, 2012 another day of good rainbow fishing March 7... no information available... If this is your picture please send info to
we think it was the 18 lber that came into the store
March 27 2012 <Mitch Roggensack of the Slocan Valley landed this beauty and brought it in to Gill & Gift where we weighed it on our fish scale at 19.2 and then the Purlator package scales at 19.0.  The Gerrard was already losing weight from being dry in the boat so you can safely assume it was more when caught.  
 Bruce Bergener 16 Gerrard Rainbow Trout May 7 Even more fun with a buddy.... May 7 2012 Chris Monamara 10 lb Bruce Bergener 16    
Blue and his big dolly... this ones for you Mom... Happy Mothers Day! May 10th on a Split Shot Charter.... 4th fish belongs to the guy that took the picture.  Split Shot  21 lbs of fighting Rainbow    
 Bond Boys   Rory Mike and Jeff show off May 11th's fantastic catch and a day to remember. Jeff Bond 21.3 lb Gerrard Rainbow Trout ... caught on top May 11 2012  
    Mike Bond 18.35 Gerrard Rainbow Trout may 11 2012    
Not only can I not see overtop of this fish ... Its HEavvvvyyyyyy. Congratulations to young Rory Bon with his 15.4 lb Gerrard on May 11    Mark Johnson 15 lb 9 oz dolly May 13th ...The head on that thing was enormous good going Mark  Camile Gebhart on April 22 with her prize dolly .
great catch Cam! Almost 10 lbs
not every fish has a weight or name recorded but the  person who caught it never forgets the thrill of his big fish.  May 29 2012 John with a nice dolly on his trip to Canada May 24
"Catch and release tip ... back in the water gently and let it revive before you release it".
Trophy Trout Rick having great fun in the Kootenay's ... catch and release is the way to go.
Kelso Clark 23 on the 23rd of Sept  
John's big catch of the day. May long weekend in Canada... As long as you keep putting them back we'll keep having you back anytime John! Thanks for the great shot of  good fishing weather on Kootenay Lake.  It looks a little cooler than most days but the fishing on these kinds of days is usually worth it. 23# on the 23rd
Happy Birthday Kelso Clark
Tim Pinelli Jr Jay Shaefer Roosville Ca Bob Miles from California  
Beautiful Gerrards caught with Dad, Tim Sr.,  on Sept 30 2012
Come in to find out what where & how.
Very nice Tim(s)...
Jay Shaeffer Rooseville Ca lands a gerrard for his weeklong effort.  Good One Jay! October 27 2012 Bob Miles sports his big Gerrard , both Jay and Bob sent them back to fatten up for another day. Great Catch Bob. OCT 2012  
Split Shot Charter fishing with ZZ Top Boys reserved for your photo  send to reserved for your photo  
ZZ Top Boys love fishing when it brings in one of these   Oct. 2012      
jason Oseroff jim sutherland 2012 nov 11 derby 2nd Doug Howard Nov 11 2012
Jason Oseroff  Kaslo 2012 derby winner  Jim Sutherland 2nd place Kaslo Derby  2012  Doug Howard 3rd Place Kaslo derby 2012   
Jesse Anderson  
Jesse Anderson 17 lb Bow Nov 20 2012      
Cody Stewart 12.5# rainbow caught in  Queens Bay Kootenay Lake
Boat: John Rayson: "Old Sneaky 2"
Jesse brings home fish for Christmas   John Dahler 14 Gerrard Rainbow Andy Russle   
Hoagie and his catch of the day... "I said fins hoagie not wings"