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The Larry Lee Family  the fish was caught on June 19 2022  Congratulations Kids Bet this was fun! 

Debbie Radcliff Winner of Gill and Gift May long weeknd Rainbow derby  2022 56.9 cm

Eileen Garding May rainbow Derby 2022 56.8cm

winners 2022 May rainbow derby Ward Martin, Eillen and Debbie...and Randy in background and Randy in background


Feb 2022 Submitted By Kerry Reed Charters

Mike Terry and Dave Friendsgiving derby 2021 prizes

Terruy Stoochnoff 11.34 Dolly Oct 2021 Freindsgiving derby

2021 May derby  Mc Farlen 3rd place

2021 may derby David soanes 2nd place

2021May Derby Joe Sirak 1st place

Brad Werner 17 # Dolly Main Lake 2021

"Lucky" Larry McCallister holds his trophy Gerrard .... some of his best times were spent on Kootenay Lake going after the big ones.

                                                       2014 Lucky Larry New Years Derby 

Frasier Watson and his winning Rainbow Frasier  Watson and Mark McCallister (Larry's Son) Peter Payne and his Winning dolly  Jan 1 2014


an 19, Kalan Therrien (9 years old) Sparwood B.C 11 lbs 11 oz Gerrard Rainbow Trout  (on a plug). Josh P Mar 28 2014 Gerrard Rainbow Trout Ray Fergusen and his 16 1/2lb  dolly  March 2014 on caught on the Split Shot Catamaran.
Blue and his not- fighting rainbow July 20 2015
This fish survived the crash in Kootenay Lake and finally ended his days in Blue's Boat.The face was quite something and it was lean from the lack of bait fish to feed on. Blue told me that it hardly fought at all but laid there waiting to come to the boat.  Kootenay Lake biologists wish to see this kind of fish come out of the lake  to give kokaneed a chance to recoup after a big die off, and locals are doing their part.  Meanwhile the are lots of 3-7 pounders coming in now and they are healthy for the eating.
How fun is this picture
 courtesy of Split Shot Charters
November 2016
How do you like this for the West Arm Kokanee in July 2017?  It was a beauty!