Balfour Gill and Gift   Special Event

Family Derby Kids and with Randy (back center)


2016 Winners:   The first prize plaques are on the wall at Gill and Gift                                               

Catagory Name Size/Amount # overall Trophy won
Biggest Family Fish Easton and Payton Fowler Family 2.9 lbs 2.9 1st
Biggest Family Fish Troy Palmer Family 2.85 lbs 2.85 2nd
Biggest Family Fish Patric McCrory Family 2.7 lbs 2.7 3rd
Most fish per person Art Birlingham Family 17.5 fish/person 35 1st
Most fish per person Alyssa Hermansen Team 12.5 fish/person 25 2nd
Most fish per person Liam Ingram and Elias Martinez Team 5.5 fish/person 11 3rd
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Congratulations to our winners.
Congratulations also to all the kids and families who helped rid Kootenay Lake of an overabundance of coarse fish.
The Tally Board

These  Records show only Personal Bests over  50 fish or 2 lbs

Over 50 Club 2 & Over Club
Stepan Stanesic 343 2005 Joelle Lino Wiseman 4lbs 10oz 2007
Kyle Erickson 313 2008 Cole Stykle 3 lbs 3 oz2014
Doug Rilkoff 261 2005 Kyle Erickson 3.0 lbs 2006
Joelle Lino Wiseman 237 2010 Abbey Hagman 2lbs 15 oz 2006
Rachel Erickson 152 2011 Josh Blank 2 lbs 14 oz 2006
Tyler Simpson 129 2006 Stepan Stanesic 2lbs 13oz 2006
Ava Dixon 96 2011 Nicolas Gebhart  2 lbs 11 oz 2007
Cameron young 92 2009 Isabella Stykel 2 lbx 7.4 oz 2012
Casey Harrison 71 2006 Payton Fowler  2.9lbs 2016
Spensor Thast 54 2004 Hans Kroeber Family 2.85 lbs 2015
Ian Mayer 54 2012 Troy Palmer 2.85 lbs 2016
Ben Lemarquand 53 2005 Frank Fowler 2 lbs 7 oz 2007
Casey Harrison 50 2009 Farrah McCory 2.7 lbs 2016
  Brooke Robertson 2 lbs 6 oz 2006
  Hayden Williams 2lbs 6oz 2008
  Blake Markin Hellekson 2lbs 6 oz 2014
  Brad Werner Family 2.57 lbs 2015
   Connor Robertson 2lbs 5oz 2007
  Barry Morris 2.5 lbs 2016
  Tyrell Hogg 2.5lbs 2016
  Josh Nephin 2.49 lb 2015
  Duncan Urquhart 2lb 3 oz 2009
  Chesney Flux 2.36 lbs 2015
  Jaylene Rushton 2lbs 3oz 2011
  Isaiah Fee 2 lbs 2 oz 2004
  Alex Sutherland 2.2 lbs 2006
  Dean Johnson Family 2.2lbs 2015
  Cole Stykel 2lbs 1.5oz 2012
  Elias Martinez 2.14lbs 2016
  Jody Montpellier 2.11lbs 2016
  Greg Elliot 2 lbs 1 oz 2004
  Eric Bollanott 2lbs 1 oz 2004
  Cameron Young 2lb 1 oz 22009
  Mike Mucha 2.0 lbs 2005
  Sarah Mc Auley 2.02lbs 2016
  Dustin Armstrong 2.0 lbs 2005
  Wayne MacLean 2.0 lbs 2008
  Maximus Berkly 2lb 2012
  Carter Huscroft 2.0 lb 2013
  Dillin Nephin 2.0 lb 2015

Note: If we have missed anyone, please contact us and we will be pleased to add your information.   This year's winners in the Photo Gallery.

A special thank you ...

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their kind help and generous offerings towards our Annual Squawfish Derby. Without the products and help we receive we would be hard pressed to run this event each year.


We wish to extend our greatest thanks to our sponsors and volunteers of the 13th Annual Pike Minnow Derby.Participants and their families enjoyed this annual free event because of the support given by you.

THANK YOU to the Gill and Gift squawfish derby sponsors!
Westarm Outdoors Club, Balfour Golf Course, Kootenay Fly Boards, Save on Foods Nelson, Jack Rilkoff, Cedar Glen Trailer Park, B. Gray Contracting, Balfour Beach Inn, Nelson and District Credit Union,  KC Gifts, Shimano/Deep Blue Sales,  Nelson Credit Union,  Pepsi Selkirk Beverages,  Blue Sky Clothing, Bob's Bar and Grill, Bratha, La Gala, Gray Creek Store, Bougainville Lodge B&B, Crag Holdings Ice Cream, Old World Bakery, Seapro Distributing, Coca Cola,  Ainsworth Hot Springs, Betty O's, Ché Serge,Split Shot Charters, VanHellemond Sporte,  Amandas Restaurant, Riondel Market, Balfour Superette, Pacific Insight,  Crawford Bay Market, Buddy Boy Baits, Kaslo Pharmacy, Kaso Hotel, Jones Boys Boats, Ainsworth Motel, Barrens Sports, Hooked up Charters and Tours,  Kaslo Truck and Saw, Natures Expresion, Mirror Lake Campground, Jones Boys Boats, Holly's Diner, Canada Safeways, Newkeys,  Wynndel Foods, Mountain King, Kokanee Park Marine, with special thanks to,Marcel Lino , Jim Shkooratoff, Todd Lindburgh and our staff.    You are all very appreciated-Randy and Truus


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Thank you,
Randy and Truus/Balfour Gill and Gift

















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